Trendline™ market research studies.

It may seem obvious that market research needs to be an effective management tool, but consider the fact that many research programs are done just once per year.

  • What about the rest of the year when the action is taking place?
  • What impact are we having?
  • What impact is our competition having?

The windshield. In a turbulent market environment a once per year study is like having windshield wipers set on slow-intermittent in a heavy downpour—the view is clear every so often, but most of the time you’re virtually blind.How do you make effective strategic decisions with that?

Trendline™ is designed and priced for more frequent sampling. Two, four, six or more times per year. We’ve done them as frequently as twice per month. Ad hoc studies can easily be conducted in between as circumstances dictate. On the other hand, frequency can be reduced during relatively tranquil periods (if there is such a thing).

Overcoming the boredom factor. Executives are busy. How research is used—or even if it’s used often depends on how it’s presented. Ennui sets in when visually insipid columns of numbers have to be studied in-depth to extract meaning. Chances are good that other items on the agenda will suddenly seem much more important. However, if trends are clear at a glance then real insight tends to set the agenda.

Trendline has developed visually stimulating ways to present—trends.It makes it easy to grasp the big picture.And clear about how to dig for details when desired. Light the fire of your marketing team with real customer insight. Call (717) 625-3632 for a Trendline proposal from DecisionTrack.