“You don’t need an education as to why buying your product is the money move. So why would you ever develop a brand that appeals to you? The fact is that your end-users are the ones who have to be sold on your stuff. Branding is not about you. Branding is about them.”
-Rob Frankel

The term “branding” is the most over used and least understood word in the marketing lexicon. Branding is not a product name, although the name is an important part of it. Branding is not a Logo, although that too is important. Branding is everything that you do to establish and maintain a relationship with the audience you expect to buy your product or service. And, that relationship needs to be emotional.

The real objective of market reseach is to make sure you are in lock-step with your audience. Whether you’re offering hamburgers or healthcare services prospects need to know that you understand their wants and needs. And it’s deadly to assume that you’re already in tune with them. Objective market research is highly recommended. And once that’s completed, an audit of what you’re offering, and how you offer it, is in order.

At DecisionTrack branding is not merely the latest buzz word that gets thrown into our plans and proposals. We see branding as a powerful marketing model with extreme potential for positive customer satisfaction and bottom line impact.

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