“It ain’t what ya don’t know that hurts ya. It’s what ya know fer sure that just ain’t so.”
-Uncle Remus

The most expensive marketing campaign is the one that doesn't work. DecisionTrack offers a menu of effective research techniques that will pay off in insight--insight that will maximize the impact of your total marketing investment. After all, they don't give you a rebate on your marketing expenses just because your message was off target.

Focus Groups

Data gives us hard numbers to help understand behavior. Focus Groups help us explore and explain the motivations, expectations, attitudes, value sets and beliefs that drive your customers.


Sometimes it’s more effective to separate research participants from the group. The one-on-one technique lets us probe issues without potential idea contamination from others.

Quantitative Research Studies

In many cases it’s critical to quantify research results to provide accurate predictions about behavior (sales). This can enhance the effectiveness of marketing investments. Quantitative research is often a follow-up to qualitative studies (like focus groups).

Roundtable Discussions

In certain situations, it’s useful to pull a panel with diverse experience and perspectives. This is a great way to test ideas and develop message tactics.

Industry Audits

Businesses sometimes find themselves interested in entering new markets that they’re not familiar with. A business audit combines secondary source information with interviews with key experts in the new category to provide a clear picture of the opportunities and threats that are likely to be faced.

What’s the one insight that will make the rest of the process clearer and easier to tackle?
Synectics. Believe it or not, such a hidden insight exists in almost every situation. Synectics is an organized form of what used to be called “brain storming.” Conducted among insiders, this method will expose the major issues that need to be addressed. It also provides insight regarding potential solutions.
How can we unlock the collective insight of insiders?
Internal Assessment. An “Internal Assessment” involves in-depth, one-on-one interviews with key executives. This initiates the drill-down into the critical issues affecting the business environment. The pattern uncovered helps provide clarity of direction.
What insight can contacts offer that can make a difference?
External Assessment. An “External Assessment” involves in-depth, one-on-one interviews with individuals outside of the client organization. These individuals provide a unique perspective. The panel includes community leaders, media executives, political leaders, etc.
How can we truly integrate market research into decision-making on an ongoing basis?
Trendline Studies. For many situations research needs to be more than just an occasional tool. Business decision-making should take place in light of evolving market dynamics. DecisionTrack has developed Trendline to make more frequent research cost effective.

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